Commissary / Kitchen Incubator

Our kitchen is a full scale kitchen loaded equipped with the necessities to help food entrepreneurs grow.  We are operational 24 hours a day and 7 days a week and provide our tenats with the space they need to take their next steps of their business.  We have multiple tiers of pricing depending on your kitchen needs.  Our kitchen rates operate either hourly or sometimes at negotiable fixed rates.  We also offer refrigeration space, dry storage space along with many other features at different costs if your business requires.  Our main mission is to help the hard working small entrepreneur succeed with their products or business ideas.

Bartender Services

Beer & Wine 
This cost pays for the additional staff member needed, any extra ice for the wells or for cooling, citrus for beers, and any other equipment needed.  The price does not include any beer or wine.
For parties of 180 or less –  $200.00
For parties of 181 or more – $250.00

Full Bar
This cost will pay for the additional staff members needed, any extra ice for wells, cooling and cocktails, all garnishes, all mixers, and all equipment needed.  It also opens up the option to have specialty infused drinks or bride/groom influenced cocktails.
Minimum – $250
$3.75 per guest – $4.50 per guest


SLO’s Finest can handle all rentals needed for your events.  We carry one style of rentals and rent all other styles or larger equipment from our third party partners.  Below is a list of rentals that we have available through our company.  There are NO BREAKAGE FEES, NO DAMAGE WAIVERS, and NO DELIVERY FEES on our rentals

Dishes  ($1.00 – $1.50 each)
White Round Tuxton Dinner Plates  –  $1.50 each
White Round Tuxton Appetizer Plates  – $1.00 each
White Round Tuxton Salad Plates  – $1.00 each
White Round Tuxton Dessert Plates  –  $1.00 each

Flatware ($0.25 each)
Appetizer Forks
Salad Forks
Dessert Forks

Glassware ($0.75 each)
Mason Jar
Water Goblet
Wine Glass
Champagne Flute
Cocktail Glass
Martini Glass
High Ball
Shot Glass
Coffee Mug

Polyester ($18.00 each)
Satin ($32.00 each)

Polyester ($1.00 each)
Satin ($3.50 each)

Patio Style Heaters ($80.00 plus propane)