Background & Mission Statemet 


Our mission statement is all about helping small business entrepreneurs grow and build their dreams.  Established in 2011, we began as a catering company and short order chef company.  The company , based in the central coast, was owned , ran, and managed by a Cal Poly business graduate that loved the San Luis Obispo county environment and the name SLO’s Finest seemed fit.  SLO’s Finest  provided gourmet cuisine with fresh quality ingredients purchased from other small business entrepreneurs.  These mainly included our local farmers around the Central Coast and local bakers.   SLO’s Finest catered weddings and events, taught culinary cooking classes, and provided bar services when they opened.  Small business and start up was difficult and as years passed there was a lot to learn from the mountains and valleys of the small business grind.  Every year, we put more concentration in supporting other business entrepreneurs, especially those around our local community.  Below is a brief timeline of how we have changed through out the years and all we have to offer.


2011 – Establishment of SLO’s Finest- Catering, Bar Services, Cooking Classes

2012 – First Full Year of Weddings, Catering Events, Culinary Instruction

2013 – Rentals (Silverware, Glassware, Dishware, Linens) 

2014 – In Flight Catering – Gourmet Delivery to the Private Planes of San Luis & Paso Robles

2015 – Single Origin Coffee Roasting, Expansion of Rentals & Catering  – Restaurant & LLC Training

2016 – Meal Prep & Contracts with local business (Coffee Shops, Limousine Companies, Local Wineries)

2017 – Kitchen Commissary Established

2018 – Expansion of local kitchen commissary, small business & financial advisor recommendations, distribution help, expansion of space and small business within

2019 – Short order menu established – OpenKitchen SLO – Providing small event catering or drop offs solely using small businesses within the kitchen incubator to grow awareness for our cause and tenant products


SLO’s Finest Events

Concentratin on providing high quality cuisine using only the freshest ingredients all at an affordable price.  Eating organic and free of preservatives is a start, but receiving ingredients straight from your trusted farmer is always #1.

Using premium meats, local and organic produce, and making dressings and sauces in house, free of preservatives and unnatural elements

Offering superior service and the ability to accommodate your every need.  Please request exactly what you desire!

Understanding specialty dietary needs.  Gluten free options are available, along with vegetarian and vegan options.  All your guests should have a substantial full meal. All allergies are taken into high consideration!  Any lactose, gluten, nut, or other allergies will be plated separately.

Can handle all aspects of your wedding.  Make it easier for yourself.  SLO’s Finest will handle all your rentals, bar services, ice needs, and help with any questions you have. Feel free to give us any limitations, restrictions or budget guidelines and we will try and make all them work!

Email the owner John Carswell at or call his business phone at (805) 801-4967 for the full menus, contracts, pricing guidelines or any other information needed!