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What’s SLO’s Finest?


SLO’s Finest, a catering company established in February 2011, aims to provide fresh quality cuisine that is unique and helps support our local farmers. We aim to use only the best and freshest ingredients and make our items all free of unnatural elements.  Since we began we have grown into so much more…

Book your wedding or special occasion with SLO’s Finest!

Missing a few items for your event?  We have great priced rentals!

Trying to start your own business?  Call us about kitchen rental space!  We help many people start business and share commissary space in our large kitchen!

Hire our staff, bartenders, or chefs for your event!

Purchase our imported raw coffee beans or let us roast you a batch! Colombian, Kenyan, Indonesian, and Brazil!

We offer in house cooking classes, drop offs, formal event catering, and have great offers for our continual customers!

Let SLO’s Finest handle all your needs!

Request a meal of your desire, with our open flexible menu.  We can also handle all dietary restrictions and any special requests.  We would love to make your planning process as stress free as possible, so please let us provide your rentals, bar services, and staffing all in one.  Call SLO’s Finest anytime and ask us questions or provide us your thoughts.  We would love to help!

Below are some of SLO’s Finest highest priorities:

SLO’s Finest concentrates on providing high quality cuisine using only the freshest ingredients all at an affordable price.  Eating organic and free of preservatives is a start, but receiving ingredients straight from your trusted farmer is always #1.

SLO’s Finest uses premium meats, local and organic produce, and makes all their dressings and sauces in house free of preservatives and free of MSG or any harmful products.

SLO’s Finest offers superior service and the ability to accommodate your every need.  Please request any type of service needed and we will gladly accommodate you.

SLO’s Finest understands guests specialty needs.  This is why all requests are taken in.  Gluten free options are available, along with vegetarian and vegan options.  We want all your guests to have proper meals that are of good proportion.  All allergies are taken into high consideration!  Any lactose, gluten, nut, or other allergies will be plated separately for special guests.

SLO’s Finest would love to handle all aspects of your wedding to take the stress off!  We love to make it as easy as possible for you!  SLO’s Finest will handle all your rentals, answer any of your questions, and detail out your invoices to get exactly what you need and desire!  Feel free to give us any limitations, restrictions or budget guidelines and we will try and make all them work!

Email the owner John Carswell at or call his business phone at (805) 801-4967 for the full menus, contracts, pricing guidelines or any other information needed!